The artists

Maxime Berthou and Mark Požlep practice includes durational performances that involve a position of observation or experience, a form of understanding, and playing a role for a limited period of time in the social environment that they take as their focus of interest. The personality of a piece is as important as the event or actual subject of the piece. Through personal experiences and emotions, they use contemporary storytelling as a way to share knowledge and awareness.

Southwind has been developed during Maxime’s pre-PhD training at Ensadlad, Paris, FR and Mark’s post-graduate course for Advanced Studies & Practice-based Research in Visual Arts at Hisk, Ghent, BE.

We would like to warmly thank our respective teaching teams for the support they have given us throughout the development of this project.

Maxime Berthou

Maxime Berthou is French, born in 1981. Graduated from Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence before integrated Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts in Tourcoing. His work consist in developing performance involving a relationship to the landscape and its dimensions. His gestures are the subject cinematographical transcripts that was been presented among others at the Centre Pompidou, Palais de Tokyo, Sydney Opera House or MOMA PS1.

Mark Požlep

Mark Požlep is Slovenian, also born in 1981, completed BA and MA on the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and completed his advanced master research at the Sint Lukas School of Brussels, direction transmedia. His production, ranging from painting, video, performance and installation, was included in the 5th and 7th Triennial of Contemporary Slovenian Art, presented in the ESSL Museum Vienna and in numerous solo and collective exhibitions across Europe.